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Mini Comb v.2 | B. Harju Jewelry

Mini Comb v.2 | B. Harju Jewelry

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*these are made to order and take roughly 5 weeks to ship, currently

Introducing the newest piece of gear from B. Harju Jewelry: The Mini Comb v.2

Designed with you in mind, it has elongated teeth to access all your combing needs, is pocket sized, wallet sized and purse sized.

Currently,  these are available in brush finished bronze.  Please note, although they are spring hard, it is possible to bend the teeth with some force.  I have used mine 5-10 times a day, stored in the wallet I sit on or on a chain and I have never had a problem.   Just don't try to pick a lock or anything with it haha.

Dimensions: 1.85" x 1.8" x .11"